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«▍▍ Where light plays tricks on the eye. Rock House, Ohio [OC][3000x1000]Forest obelisk. This is why I don't mind hiking in the forest when it's pouring rain. North Vancouver, BC [OC] [1080x1618]The clouds interfered with my night photography efforts while camping at Reflection Canyon but they made for an absolutely wonderful sunrise [2000x1333] [OC]Bryce Canyon, Utah [OC] [4000x6000]Sunset in Middle Arkansas [2000x3000] [OC]The colors of Glacier National Park during the morning sunrise. Never gets old. [2422x1615] [OC]The magical forests of British Columbia never cease to amaze me. Golden Ears Provincial Park [OC] [1080x1746]No crazy mountains or trees here, just some nice driftwood and a pretty sunset. Richmond, BC [OC] [1080x1666]I was hoping to see the northern lights on this crystal clear night in Iceland but didn't have any luck. To be honest though it was hard to be too disappointed with a view like this. Skogafoss, Iceland. [4000X6000] [OC]Calf Creek Falls in Grand Staircase Escalante, Utah [OC] [6048x4024]Nice cave at Iceland [OC] [8000x5000)The winter in Finland is so damn beautiful!! [OC][1080x1350]Solo tree at a calm lake[1350x1080][OC]Anyone seeing this Women too? Shot taken in Mexico[OC][1541x2300]Astronomical Twilight from a high altitude remote lake in Peru [2000x1125][OC]Dunquin, Co.Kerry, Ireland on a wet day in April (OC-1000x1500)One of my favorite shots from Banff. Castle Mountain. [6657x4438] [oc]The Cape Brett track near the Bay of Islands in the north island of New Zealand was one of the hardest hikes I've ever done but had insane scenery and was a great experience overall. [oc] (4032x2268)Getting lucky in Arctic Norway [OC] [1080x1618] @tristan.todd3am, in the middle of nowhere, freezing cold. I give you the milky way, 6000x4000 [OC]Alberta, Canada. (oc)[6720x4480]The Milky Way at Spruce Knob, West Virginia [2000x1336] [OC]My favourite picnic spot. Philip Park, Gold Coast, Qld. Australia. [OC] [2217x1330][OC] La Sal Mountains framed by Canyonlands and the Colorado River. [4032×3024]">Mt Yotei, Taiwanese Forest [OC] [1200x1600]Brandywine Falls near Vancouver BC [OC][3464x4618][OC] Mt. Baker in North Cascades National Park, Washington featuring a bit of color [1080x1080][OC] Bad Münster, Germany The Greenhole [3480x4680]Hiking towards Heaven's gate. [OC] 1080×1350, Montreat, NCI swear, this is not photoshopped![1080x1350][OC]Photo my mom took this evening, Foothills of NC. [OC] (756×1008)Torc Waterfall – Killarney National Park [OC] [1371x1920] IG:@dustinhudsonThe wild flowers of the Pacific Northwest are so beautiful [OC](1080x720) @tonyexploresA unique view of the Canadian Rockies, from a low Athabasca River. [OC] 4032x3024Cascading waterfalls in the Spanish Pyrenees [OC] [1067x1600]The Painted Desert - Arizona [OC][1080x821]Es Vedrà, Eivissa [OC][3064x4592]Double Arch, Arches National Park, Utah [OC] (4032 x 3024)Lake Minnewanka, Alberta, Canada.[OC][3708x2610]Cliff faces in New Zealand [2048x1536] [OC]A cluster of Arrowleaf balsamroot flowers in Eastern Washington [OC][1639x2048]I visited Tràng An in Ninh Binh, Vietnam last summer and floated through the mountains [OC][4032x3024]Bonsai Rock at Lake Tahoe [1600*1200][OC] The flower and the mountain [Banff, Alberta] [1184x1776]One of the best trips I have had was in pahalgam, kashmir, India [OC] [3024 x 4032]Today I got married in Waianae, Hawaii and the mountains here are so beautiful [OC] [4032x3024]The Oceans Heart. [900x1350][OC] [@michael.kenny]One of Norway's many beautiful mountains, Stetind. [OC] [1080x1781] IG: @tristan.toddGiant trees and even bigger mountains in Queenstown, NZ [OC] [1536x2048]The Himalayas, Jammu and Kashmir, India [OC] [4128x2218]View from the Kehlsteinhaus, Austria [OC][5938 x 2247]Have you ever seen the inside of an iceberg? Antarctica [OC] [1920x1282]North shore Mauii [OC] [1600x1200]Sunset at Cerro Tronador [1080x608] [OC] IG: @luquicohenSpring at Zion National Park [6000x4000] [OC]Sunrise over the clouds at Volcan de Acatenango - Guatemala [OC] [4032x3024]Doloris River Canyon [5312x2988][OC]In the depths of New Zealand's Goblin Forest. Trees branches seemingly grow into each other in a struggle to find sunlight [5507x3672] [OC][OC] Wandering Pebble - Main Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. [2911x3882][OC] Cave Point, Lake Michigan, Door County, Wisconsin, USA. [6877x2554]Nā Pali coastline - Kauai, Hawaii (OC) [4032x3024]Lake Superior Reflections [OC] 3659x5178Spent the day visiting one of my favorite waterfalls in the world. (Romona Falls, OR) [OC] [2048 × 1365]From the top of Mount Tamahunga in Matakana, New Zealand. [OC] (4032x3024)This is Black Canyon of the Gunnison out in Colorado, and it is crazy. [OC][3861x2574]Wadi Rum desert, Jordan (sunrise) [OC] [3648x1824]Tulips with morning mist - the Netherlands (OC)[1920x1280]The last of the light on Half Dome. Yosemite Valley [oc][3631x4547]South Lake Tahoe [OC] [3024x3554]Silky drip, Portugal [2500x1668][OC][OC] I think I found The Shire in Friendswood, Texas (4032×2268)Milkyway i shot in Thailand. I'm a beginner with basic gear but was quite proud of this one. [2048x1365] [OC]Bottoms Reservoir, Derbyshire [4128x3096] (OC)Absolutely incredible view from Mailbox peak in Washington [OC] [4032x1960][OC][4032X1960] Copper Mountain, COThe basalt cathedral of Abiqua Falls, Oregon. [OC] [4032x3024]The mountains near Monte Reale, Liguria, Italy [OC] [640×360]A classic Canterbury viewpoint - Tussock grass, meandering river and mountains. Taken from the Bealey Spur Track, New Zealand. [OC] [2800 x 997]Mt. Shasta and The Whaleback (far left) on a beautiful blue-bird day. [OC] 792 x 828 pixels.Mexican Hat Sunset [5300x3000] [OC]Lake Tahoe, NV at Monkey Rock [OC] [4942 x 1877]Beautiful cracks and bubbles in a frozen Abraham Lake, AB. [OC] [1920x1797] @tristan.toddI really liked the 'mossy curtains' this vantage point provided - Gifford Pinchot National Forest, WA [OC] [2000x3000]Sunrise off the Pony Express Trail by Faust, Utah [OC] [6048x4024]From a fly fishing trip I took last fall with my dad - Platoro Lake, CO [OC] [3264x1836]Grassy V, Portugal [2500x1511][OC][OC] Virginia Lake, ME [4032x2268]Verdant Relic in the misty forest. North Vancouver, BC [OC] [1080x1618] IG: @tristan.toddMt. Washington, OR [2675x1793] [OC]An Unusually Calm Puget Sound Sunset [OC][1536x1024]Underside of Natural Bridge, Yoho National Park, Canada By Dani Lafrancois [1400x933]Metate Arch (nearly ready to become two Hoodoos) at Devil’s Garden, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. [3264x2448] [OC]Hug Point, Oregon Coast [4032X3024] [OC]La Jolla, California [1920 X 2400][OC]Windblown tree on Cherry Orchard Trail, WA USA [OC] [4032 x 3024]Inside the Grand Canyon [OC] [6000 x 3376]Majestic Falls at McDowell Creek, OR [OC][2268x4032]Eriyadu, Maldives [1470x1063] (OC)So peaceful. Onzain, France [4000x3000] [OC]


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